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Wippa’s wife disappointed with air fryer gift

5 days ago 3

It’s one of the most popular kitchen appliances of 2020 and there’s plenty of people who would be stoked to receive it as a gift.

But when Nova 96.9 radio host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli surprised his wife with the gadget, she was less than impressed.

Air fryers are known for making healthy alternatives to your fried favourites and people have been going crazy for them, with long lines forming outside Aldi stores whenever the retailer drops its bargain version, to even Bunnings jumping on the bandwagon with its latest range.

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You will also find various dedicated Kmart air fryer Facebook groups.

So, with all the talk of air fryers, the Nova 969 host thought what better way to celebrate his seventh wedding anniversary than by gifting his wife Lisa a massive air fryer.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the reaction was hoping for.

Wippa posted the anticlimactic moment Lisa unveiled her present on Instagram while asking followers for their much-needed support.

“Besides @hamishblakeshotz, can anyone else convince my wife that this an AMAZING anniversary present! Nothing says I love you like air fried chips,” he captioned the video.

“At this stage @lisawipfli is not impressed!.”

The clip begins with Lisa unwrapping a huge box on their kitchen bench.

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“Happy anniversary,” Wippa could be heard saying before a look of disappointment washes over Lisa’s face.

He bought her a XXL Philips air fryer valued from about $439.

“Does it have to sit out on the kitchen bench?” was the first thing she asked.

“No, but think about it – maximum taste, minimum fat, effortlessly,” Wippa responded, as he read out the advertising on the box.

“I mean you have been influenced by Hamish Blake that’s for sure,” she said, before hesitantly saying, “I love it, thanks babe.”

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Earlier this month, Hamish said he “mistakenly” purchased an air fryer after he jokingly revealed on Instagram he was planning on turning his house into a “6 week Fryer Festival” to justify his pricey purchase to his wife, Zoë Foster.

He confessed that he misunderstood Victoria’s lockdown rules that were instated on Sunday, August 2 saying he ordered himself an air fryer because he thought the regulations meant food delivery services wouldn’t be open for the next six weeks.

However, not even he backed up Wippa, commenting: “Listen, after the ninth night of chips she will begin to sof- oh sorry, NOT me …”.

But thankfully many others came to Wippa’s aid, including publicity maven Roxy Jacenko.

“This is actually amazing,” she wrote on the post.

“These are the bomb!” TV presenter Ksenija Lukich said.

“I got one for Father’s day. Best present ever,” another follower added.

“Honestly air fryers are amazing. Get onto the Kmart air fryer fb page,” a fourth person wrote, while a fifth person described it as “life changing”.

“Trust me you will use it ALL the time – like every day!!!!” she said.

Whether Lisa cares for the comments and it helps change her mind, is yet to be known.

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