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Woman finds her cat hiding in a hilarious place

1 month ago 18

After a cat owner hadn’t seen her pet for several hours she went looking and discovered the feline had been right under her nose the whole time.

Shelley Keane has a black cat called Peppy that often likes to find bizarre places to sleep. She’s curled up under the car in the past.

But after Ms Keane put a new pot on the porch, it became the cat’s favourite sleeping place.

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“We only put the pot there about two weeks ago and that became her new spot,” Keane told The Dodo.

At first she didn’t know where the cat had disappeared to.

But then she “saw something move and out popped Peppy”.

“I thought it was super cute cause you don‘t expect anything to be in the pot,” she added.

Ms Keane inherited Peppy from her next door neighbours, and has observed the feline to be more of an outside pet.

For now, the pot remains as the cat’s bedroom.

But Ms Keane is on the lookout for the next bizarre hiding spot Peppy will find.

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