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Woman fined after police bust 5yo‘s birthday party

4 weeks ago 20

A Victorian woman has copped a massive fine after police busted her five-year-old‘s birthday party and discovered twenty people celebrating.

192 people were fined yesterday for breaching Victoria‘s coronavirus restrictions, including 20 were issued for not wearing a face mask outside of the homes and 69 breaches of the 8pm-5am Melbourne curfew.

One incident involved a 5th birthday party in which 20 people were found to be celebrating, breaching rules.

Officers attended the Latrobe home on Saturday night, slapping the woman who organised the party with a fine.

Police also fined seven youths who held a house party in Warrnambool and a Hawthorn woman who was found parked up in St Kilda.

She had told the officer she was looking for a supermarket to buy toilet paper but got lost.

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