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Woman pretended to be hotel worker to flee quarantine

2 weeks ago 7

A woman who arrived in Sydney from Melbourne has been busted allegedly trying to flee hotel quarantine in Sydney.

Police said the woman was slapped with a $1000 fine after attempting to escape from a Sydney hotel where she was in mandatory quarantine.

The 51-year-old Strathfield woman arrived on a flight from Melbourne on Tuesday and was staying at a hotel in Haymarket when she allegedly left her hotel room about noon on Thursday.

She was questioned by a security guard and claimed she was a staff member working at the hotel.

When asked to produce her ID the woman fled through a fire exit.

Officers then arrested the woman outside the hotel after they spotted her running through the lobby.

She was escorted back to her hotel room and issued a $1000 penalty infringement notice.

Almost 60,000 people have completed two weeks hotel quarantine in Sydney since the end of March.

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