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Calls for Joe Rogan to moderate presidential debate grow STRONGER after Wallace ‘fails to meet the moment’
Electricity tariff for households to rise by 9.3% in October to December
Trump tells Proud Boys to ‘STAND BACK’ from ‘left-wing’ riots as Biden calls Antifa only ‘AN IDEA’
Biden distances himself from ‘far-left’ voters, rejects ‘crucial’ Green New Deal & defund the police movement
Covid: Further curbs 'unacceptable' without Parliamentary backing say MPs
‘Hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck’: CNN pundits aghast after chaotic Biden-Trump debate
No plans to fine those displaying Singapore flag after Sep 30: Edwin Tong
Lockdowns at stake: People want their places OPEN, Trump says – They want to be SAFE, Biden retorts
‘Will you shut up, man?’ Biden struggles to talk over interjecting Trump as debate get off to a messy start
‘I am the Democratic Party,’ Biden declares, making Trump and Twitter cringe: ‘Not according to Harris’
Biden camp secures @TRUTH Twitter account to ‘fact-check’ Trump during debate
Pompeo due in Asia for talks on China, North Korea
‘Unfortunate’ views on homosexuality must DISQUALIFY Christians, Muslims & Orthodox Jews from SCOTUS, Biden campaign staffer says
WATCH LIVE: First Biden v Trump 2020 presidential debate
READ leaked ‘DNC talking points’ published ahead of Trump-Biden debate in Cleveland
RT films downed Azeri drone on frontline in turbulent Nagorno-Karabakh
Newly released FAA records only deepen mystery around ‘jetpack man’ sightings over Los Angeles as FBI continues probe
Eminem fan sets world record for most musician tattoos
Carole Packman murder: Russell Causley parole to be 'reconsidered'
Broadband 'so bad I work from my friend's shed'
Newspaper headlines: PM 'hasn't a clue' and 1m missed breast cancer scans
Victorian Society risk list: Auf Wiedersehen, Pet pub added
UN Security Council calls for ‘immediate end’ to Azerbaijan-Armenia clash in Nagorno-Karabakh
Less than 50% of Americans would take Covid-19 vaccine, even if they were paid $100 – poll
Hillary Clinton cooked up Russiagate to smear Trump & distract from her own scandals, declassified docs suggest
Spurs beat Chelsea on penalties in Carabao Cup
Brexit: Government Brexit plan gets MPs' final backing
In unprecedented step, UK & Canada impose sanctions on Lukashenko & other Belarus big wigs over ‘rigged elections’ & ‘repression’
UK MPs pass Boris Johnson’s controversial Brexit bill, despite protest at home and abroad
Russia faces potential autumn Covid-19 hospital crisis as cases rise sharply & 90% of allocated beds are already in use
Progressive Democrats denounce Biden’s ‘shift to left’ with ‘Bidenomics’ as nothing more than REAGANOMICS
Manchester Arena Inquiry: Bomb plotters 'still at large'
Biden campaign reverses course after agreeing to ‘earpiece check,’ Trump reps claim – with just hours to go before debate
Wales lockdown: Half a million in the north added to local restrictions
Oxford University’s ‘scholarly’ RT hit piece has no room for the mundane reality of how the world’s news organisations work
Liberals PRAISE TRUMP for supposedly bashing Christians in private
Wait, what? Eric Trump says he is ‘part of the LGBT community,’ sowing confusion online
The new Lord Protector – Puritanical Boris Johnson channels Cromwell as he bans singing and dancing. What’s happening to Britain?
Half a million in north Wales added to lockdown
Coronavirus: Police to be told they can use NHS Covid-19 app
As the US pressures Russia to renegotiate the New START Treaty, it exposes its own unreliability as a negotiating partner
First local Covid restrictions for north Wales
Lincolnshire Wildlife Park: Swearing parrots removed from view
Traumatized by Trump? Ohio University gives students ‘support spaces’ to get a grip after the presidential debate
Read the New York Times’ ‘scoop’ on Trump’s tax returns and you’ll see – from its own weak evidence – it really is just fake news
Artemisia Gentileschi: Five-star reviews for 'the Beyoncé of art history'
Hey EU! Lay off Hungary’s Viktor Orban simply because he rejects modern liberal ideas in favor of a different democratic route
Covid rules: How much of the UK is now under some sort of lockdown?
Covid lockdown: Stop Wales visits from English virus hotspots, says Mark Drakeford
No jab, no movement? UK MP pushes mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for travel, suggests army should oversee rollout
BBC to censor stars online in bid to remain ‘impartial’, new director general says, as pressure grows on ‘woke’ broadcaster
27 new COVID-19 infections in Singapore; 1 in the community linked to 2 previous cases
Food court at Changi Airport, several malls visited by COVID-19 cases during infectious period
Duchess of Sussex: Meghan and Harry book can be used in privacy case
US’ failure to recognize Cuba’s medical efforts during Covid is due to an innate fear of linking socialism with anything positive
Lockdown students: 'There's a communal sense of anger towards the government'
Harry and Meghan book can be used in privacy case
Biden campaign wants Facebook to crack down on voting ‘misinformation’ by Trump, after illegal pro-Dem ballot scheme uncovered
Iron Man to the rescue? UK air ambulance trials JETPACKS to save stricken hikers
Putin ‘thinking about’ taking Covid-19 vaccine, as Seoul reveals president is planning trip to South Korea
Don’t expect fireworks from the first presidential debate, Joe Biden will be out to make it as unremarkable as possible
Tim Davie: BBC boss 'prepared to fire stars who break impartiality rules'
Coronavirus: NI records highest Covid case numbers since March
Boris Johnson 'misspoke' over North East Covid restrictions
Covid: Blaenau Gwent is hardest-hit area in UK
Tulsi Gabbard believes Project Veritas’ ballot-harvesting claims against fellow dem Ilhan Omar, causing left-wing backlash
UK nightlife faces desperate wait for Covid vaccine as London claims the ‘night-out’ industry may ‘take a long time to come back’
Thanks for the clarification? Boris Johnson bungles his own government’s coronavirus rules (VIDEO)
‘Support both on and off the battlefield’: Turkey throws weight behind ‘brotherly Azerbaijan,’ in fresh escalation
Covid: PM promises 'radical' shake-up of adult education
Covid: I 'misspoke' over North East Covid rules, says PM
‘Yo ass goin’ viral’: Antifa, BLM protesters surround Portland police car, play victim when officer draws weapon
Devouring their own: Left turns on poster boy of gun control for daring to denounce political violence
Pubs and restaurants must shut in NI at 11pm
In trying to distance itself from the far-right Proud Boys, woke wannabe Fred Perry has made the link even stronger
Louis Ng's motion on protection against secondhand smoke in the home to be discussed in Parliament
Covid-19: Blaenau Gwent is hardest-hit area in UK
Croydon abduction: Three young brothers 'taken abroad' by father
Bloody Sunday: No further charges against former soldiers
I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but his peace deals in the Middle East are a diplomatic triumph. Why is MSM virtually ignoring them?
Ten Azerbaijani civilians killed in Nagorno-Karabakh clashes as death toll rises & fighting intensifies – President Aliyev
Coronavirus: MP says more restrictions 'inevitable' in Derry
Antifa doxer ‘AntiFash Gordon’ slapped with federal lawsuit for getting New York Daily News employee fired
Pubs and restaurants must shut in NI at 23:00
Covid in Scotland: Large drop in cancer referrals during lockdown
Nokia clinches 5G deal with BT to phase out Huawei's kit in EE network
Armenia tells Azerbaijan to brace for ‘HARSH RESPONSE’ as civilian bus hit & set on fire in cross-border strikes
Covid-19: Tracking the outbreak, as deaths pass one million
Bloody Sunday: Public Prosecution Service to reveal outcome of reviews
SIM student nabbed after man he sold cannabis to was arrested, gets jail and caning
Football: Smoking at children's games to be banned in Wales
Baku denies having F-16s on Air Force inventory, rebukes reports of Turkish US-built jet downed over Nagorno-Karabakh
Fisherman dies after falling from boat off Stonehaven
Covid-19: North East households mixing ban 'confusing'
Man on trial for sexually assaulting sister's drunk friend
Newspaper headlines: 'Tory rebels' virus revolt' amid 'deadly chaos'
Coronavirus: NHS faces pandemic 'triple whammy' this winter
As Covid crisis adversely affects UK’s white working class, it is the middle class’s self-interest that means there is no easy fix
‘You can’t even keep the lights on!’ EPA chief mocks California’s 2035 ban on sales of gas-powered cars
Kentucky AG to release grand jury records in Breonna Taylor case after juror files motion to disclose details of proceedings
Former Grab driver on trial for attempted rape, sexual assault of 19-year-old passenger
Slain South Korean man tried to defect to North Korea: Coast Guard
'We just don't have words': At least 3 dead as California wildfires explode in wine country, forcing thousands to flee
As PMETs face challenges in the job market, support measures and adaptability are crucial: Experts
Some of Hong Kong's poor finally feel at home in 290 sq ft modules
Never mind the body bags from Serbia to Syria: British Labour Party MP nominates Joe Biden for Nobel Peace Prize
Major US health care firm hit by cyberattack, forcing hospitals to revert to ‘pen and paper’
Police departments across US report ‘nationwide’ 911 OUTAGE, possibly caused by Microsoft glitch
Turkey hiring Syrian rebels to fight Armenians for Azerbaijan, Guardian claims as Baku calls mercenary reports ‘nonsense’
Island economy "scarred" by Covid-19 restrictions
Newspaper headlines: 'Deadly chaos' amid 'Tory rebels' virus revolt'
WATCH: Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale slammed to the pavement by cops during arrest after alleged suicide threat
NYC civilian voters sent military absentee ballots, sparking fears votes will go uncounted
Covid: Adults without A-levels to be offered free college courses
Armenia warns it will deploy Russian-made Iskander missiles if Turkey uses F-16 jets in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
Maryland county to pay $20mn in ‘heinous,’ ‘brutal’ & ‘senseless’ shooting of HANDCUFFED black man by black police officer
Armenia says Azerbaijan’s artillery attacks intensify as Nagorno-Karabakh officials claim downing of military plane
‘Gee, I wonder why?’ Trump bashes Biden campaign’s drug-test refusal as MSM renew push to CANCEL ‘useless’ debates
Ex-cop pleads NOT GUILTY to endangerment charges in Breonna Taylor shooting case
Trump campaign sought to ‘deter’ 3.5mn black Americans from voting with algorithmic suppression in 2016 – report
US must stand up to China if Biden wins, focus less on trade, Krugman says
Oxford University anonymously interviews RT journos, reveals we have ‘doubts about the West.’ In other news, water is wet.
Covid-19: Meeting others in pubs to be illegal in North East
Renewed Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict a new threat to Russia's delicate balancing act with key player Turkey
A tale of two crumbling cities. So, who’s the world’s worst mayor: New York’s de Blasio or London’s Khan? It’s a close-run race...
Belarusian Nobel Literature prize winner & leading opposition figure Alexievich leaves country but insists she’s not fleeing
Covid-19: North East households mixing 'against law'
Over 5,000 Russians have taken world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, none have reported serious side effects
UK Tory MPs slam 10pm Covid-19 curfew on bars as ‘sick experiment’ as pub-goers throng streets & party at home
Trained by Trump? Raccoons ATTACK journalists at White House (PHOTOS)
Bangor primary first to close completely after Covid cases
Erdogan’s quest for regional hegemony is destabilizing & backing Azerbaijan against Armenia is the latest example
Matiu Ratana: Officer's partner pays tribute to 'gentle giant'
15 new COVID-19 infections in Singapore, including community case who went to work at Changi Airport
Anti-Trumpers dismiss ex-campaign manager's mental health issues, say he doesn't deserve compassion after reported suicide bid
Police stand-off as man pours petrol inside Blackpool bank
Teenager Josh Reeson dies in York after taking drugs
Time to end 'occupation' of Nagorno-Karabakh, Erdogan tells Armenia as border clashes with Azerbaijan continue
US politicians are too old and the short-term philosophy this encourages creates a vicious circle that is dooming the country
Woke Witchfinder General Laurence Fox’s new party could be the breath of fresh air UK politics needs
If you can't beat them, ban them: Twitter no longer showing search results from well-known Russian state news agency RIA Novosti
Window pain: Isolating university students send a message
Malaysia to place COVID-19 restrictions in some parts of Sabah, 115 cases reported nationwide
Uber regains London licence after court ruling. That's a DISASTER, drivers of city's iconic black cabs claim
Hong Kong bans China National Day protest
Lib Dems: Ed Davey promises 'to be the voice of carers'
Claudia Webbe: Leicester MP charged with harassment
Covid: Parliament stops alcohol sales after 10pm
Bangor primary school first to close after Covid cases
Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny confirms Angela Merkel visited him in Berlin hospital, expresses gratitude to Chancellor
Walcott: Clean-up operation after village hit by sand storm
Armenia braced for LONG WAR in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenian PM’s adviser says, calling Turkey ‘regional terminator’
Whoever wins in November, here’s six reasons why America is on the brink of a complete political and social breakdown
As an adopted person, I find the Left’s attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Haitian children beyond contempt
Sex offence error: Naomi Long expresses 'deep regret' to victims
Croydon police shooting: Farmland searched over Sgt Matt Ratana death
TV news last and firsts for BBC in Cardiff
Covid: Manchester mayor calls for 'urgent review' of 10pm closures
Covid: Businesses under lockdown offered £140m help
Covid: Can students get a refund from their university?
Teenage boy dies in York after taking drugs
Covid: About 40 universities report coronavirus cases
Brexit: Gove in Brussels as EU trade talks resume
Westminster faces rising discontent over restrictions as it weighs up even tougher lockdown to slow second wave of virus
‘Totally illegal’: Trump calls for probe after Project Veritas uncovers alleged VOTER FRAUD scheme connected to Ilhan Omar
NI to debate 'no body, no parole' law
Thailand extends visa renewal grace period for foreigners stranded due to COVID-19
Baku showcases infantry & artillery in action as Azeri-Armenian border fighting spills over into media realm (VIDEO)
Portland police shove protester in WHEELCHAIR, as church burning provokes speculation
Azerbaijan declares partial troop mobilization after foes Armenia & Nagorno-Karabakh call citizens to arms
Coronavirus: Queen's students told to self-isolate in halls
Japan government warns on suicide after death of actress
Scottish students can go home on long-term basis
Texas gov. issues disaster declaration after BRAIN-EATING amoeba found in tap water supply kills 6-yo boy
Brexit: Gove heads to Brussels as EU trade talks resume
Covid in Scotland: Students can return home on long-term basis
Former MOM employee admits repeatedly abusing maid, who climbed down 15 floors to escape
Woman convicted of pouring hot water on boyfriend's groin after suspecting he was cheating on her
Covid 19: Students can return home on long-term basis
Azerbaijan & Armenia carry on fighting over contested Nagorno-Karabakh, heavy weaponry deployed
US poised to SHUT DOWN Iraqi embassy over continuous rocket attacks in Baghdad’s Green Zone – reports
Covid lockdown: Two-thirds of Wales' population affected
With EU help, Taiwan gets rare win in China naming dispute
Coronavirus: Vaccine trial to recruit 350 NI volunteers
India's COVID-19 infections cross 6 million
Driver fined for deliberately scratching vehicle next to his at Jem car park
Beijing unveils new protections for health emergency whistleblowers
Indonesia unions threaten strike over government's labour reforms
Sir David Attenborough spent lockdown 'listening to birds'
Former Trump campaign manager Parscale in hospital after wife calls police, says he is ‘armed & suicidal’ - report
China reports 21 new COVID-19 cases, all imported
South Korea reports lowest coronavirus cases since Aug 11
Federal judge blocks Trump’s effort to ban TikTok from US app stores
'Totally fake news': Trump denies NYT report saying he paid almost no federal taxes, says returns to be released when audit ends
Covid-19: Up to £10,000 fine for failure to self-isolate in England
Coronavirus: Up to £10,000 fine for failure to self-isolate in England
Covid lockdown: Two thirds of Wales' population affected
Covid: Scottish courts backlog 'could last 10 years'
Local food heroes: Tesco teams up with Olio