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Mum and daughter who ‘look like twins’ baffle internet

1 week ago 9

Stacie Smith recently started creating dance videos with her daughter Madison on TikTok and users on the social media platform were quick to point out their mirror image features.

In fact, the mum and daughter duo – who live in Georgia, US – look so alike, many people say they “can’t figure out” who is who.

The pair have gone viral with their baffling videos — the most recent one was posted Tuesday — in which Stacie teased that she “doesn’t see” the similarities.

The clip, which shows Stacie and Madison dancing to a song while wearing similar outfits of denim shorts and striped jumpers, has already been viewed more that 845,000 times.

“Aren’t you that mother/daughter duo that people think are twins,” the video reads.

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Hundreds have left comments confirming their “mind-blowing” likeness, with some saying it was “impossible” to tell them apart.

“Wow, I can’t figure out which is mum,” one said.

“God literally did a copy and paste,” another wrote.

“You really just printed out yourself,” someone else declared.

If you’ve watched the video above and can’t figure it out, Stacie – who states she is “over 40” in the hashtags – is on the left while Madison, who recently turned 16, is on the right.

“I’ve watched this 10 times trying to figure out which one was the mum, had to come to the comments to find out,” one user said.

“I couldn’t tell for a very long time which one was the mum,” another added.

“For sure, you’re twins,” one declared.

The pair’s similar features were spotted by TikTok users last month when Stacie shared a video of them lip syncing to an audio clip with both wearing denim jackets.

Since then Stacie has shared more videos in which people declare Madison is “her double”.

“We get it all the time but we don’t see it,” Stacie told one commenter recently.

Another video really shows off their undeniable similarities, showing them wearing a multitude of similar outfits and blowing the internet’s mind.

Could you tell this mum and daughter apart? Let us know in the comments below.

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