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About Us

KTwitter is an informative web portal, which has the purpose of storing in its entirety the international news feeds of the entire internet in real time, in turn providing Information and Entertainment to Users offering knowledge regarding the Social Network Twitter, KTwitter does not belong Neither is part of the company Twitter Social Networks

KTwitter will never ask you for information related to your official Twitter account. It will only provide you with information and generate links to the Twitter social network based on the information displayed on the web.

The News Feed / RSS: The news Feed / RSS Displayed on the Website is a totally legal and community service of third party companies for real information, a recompilation of the web pages where they have maintained their reputation throughout the years regarding the world news information and information update.

The information shown in this content is not manipulated or edited, but it can be deleted if it violates personal rules or ethics, it is considered a problem for society or a reference to Problems, Harassment, Bulling, Racism, Sex, Violence among others , This portal will not show superior images or not suitable for the whole family, but the information captured may be sensitive for many, KTwitter has news "titles" and a main "feed" image to show the user a summary of the news , additionally a "Short Description" is displayed so that the user can choose to click on the news item to see it completely, if the user agrees to click on the News item, he / she will be accepting the display of said content in its entirety, no URL or News Item will be edit or manipulate, Unless it violates with unwanted Words or that leads to the decision of its Elimination of it permanently from the KTwitter portal

KTwitter can use Images of the Social Twitter platform, Texts, API, and Link / URL Of the company Twitter Social Managers, Only for Informative levels, to Give Reference to already named company or to Highlight its content, KTwitter at no time tries to Replace Authentication o Truthfulness, Brand or Company slogan of

KTwitter is used as a reference to Trends and International News, Twitter is not responsible for the Content displayed on this website, nor is it part of the KTwitter Portal Company.

The Name of KTwitter does not Belong to the Twitter Company but does belong to the name KTwitter.