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Woman in ‘shock’ after bus driver’s ‘creepy’ texts

2 days ago 2

A young woman was shocked after a “creepy” tour bus driver text her using details from her coronavirus a test-and-trace form.

Kat Kingsley, 25, was “weirded out” after she got a message saying “you’re living in my head” after taking the a bus tour in the UK, The Sun reports.

She claims that three days later she received two messages from a member of staff at the company saying he wanted to see her.

The male worker, who she said was Italian, reportedly told her she had been “living in his head”.

He also admitted “knowing all the risk involved in using data that’s not supposed to be for me”, the woman said.

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Ms Kingsley said when she got on the bus she gave her name and phone number to a staff member, who wrote them on a piece of paper as part of the UK’s coronavirus tracing system.

The woman, from Hayle in Cornwall, said she was “in shock” when she received the “creepy” messages.

The worker wrote: “Basically, the other day after you left I felt silly keep looking around to see if I could spot you again.

“Yesterday they sent me again to … and I felt even more silly realising I was still hoping to see you.

“Along with the idea of this stupid message you’ve been living in my head (not really good conditions but the rent is cheap and there is plenty of free room) for three days by now, sweet …”

Ms Kingsley said she stared at the messages trying to figure it out.

“It seems like a small thing when you first look at it but when you look into it you realise it’s much bigger,” she said.

Ms Kingsley urged people to be cautious as she said the system was “not very safe” and “needs re-evaluating”.

“Now I don’t think I will give my details over again,” she said.

The bus company said it had launched an investigation as it “takes the matter extremely seriously”.

The company added if the incident was “proven from our investigation, this is totally unacceptable” and it would take appropriate action.

“It goes against the values of our organisation entirely,” a spokesman said

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “The unauthorised use of customers’ information provided for contact tracing is unacceptable and every business must comply with all data protection legislation.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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